Dental bridges and crowns: Get the facts

It can be embarrassing when you have a missing tooth, and sometimes you may find it hard to laugh with your friends. There are several ways to solve tooth missing problems. That is why we want to let you know about the facts on dental bridges and crowns. If you have this issue and are wondering what to do, continue reading below.

What are dental bridges and crowns?


These are removable dental restoration devices that can replace missing teeth with fake teeth. They create a factual bridge between gaps so as to boost the functionality of your bite and the gorgeousness of your grin. Bridges can be made of porcelain, alloys, or gold. They can be removable or fixed bridges, but they both utilize the adjacent teeth for support. However, detachable bridges are less stable than fixed bridges which are also costly. There are three types of bridges

  • Traditional bridge
  • Cantilever bridge
  • Maryland Bridge

More often the price of bridges depends on the number of units and where you reside.  Dental bridges are likely to last several years if they are maintained appropriately through specialized check-ups and clean-ups.


Dental crowns can be acknowledged as caps. They are positioned over a damaged tooth and cover them as they reinstate their size, shape, and strength, but they do not substitute the entire teeth. In early times, crowns were made from metal material only. If you have a tooth filling, a dental crown plays the role of surrounding the tooth and therefore preventing plaque and bacteria from accessing it.

Why should I have dental crowns and bridges?

Dental bridges and caps are in most cases suggested by a dentist to cap or completely cover a broken tooth or an implant. Other reasons your dentist might recommend these fixes include:

  • To repair a broken tooth
  • Shield a weak tooth from cracking
  • Cover a poorly shaped tooth or a dental implant
  • Fix a bridge
  • Replace a huge filling when there aren’t enough teeth remaining
  • Hold a tooth that has had root canal remedy
  • Improve the appearance, alignment, and shape of a tooth

Gaps left by missing teeth can, in the end, cause the remaining teeth to move causing a bad nibble. It can as well result in periodontitis disease. For bridges, they are usually used if one or more of your teeth are absent.

Caring for caps and dental bridges

Caps and bridges can last a lifetime, but this does not mean avoiding providing them with proper care just like natural care. This is because they can sometimes fall out. To prolong their life span, you should practice good oral hygiene habits. Ensure you brush your teeth and floss daily. Abstain from chewing hard foods such as ice.


Despite the fact that your missing teeth may not be visible to everyone, having dental crowns or bridges can help restore your lost smile. However, it is important that you find a qualified dentist to carry out the procedure to avoid further complications. Also, proper caring of bridges reduces irritation of the gum tissue.

Straight Teeth and Its Health Benefits

Straight teeth may seem to people like it is just a luxury; an aesthetic addition to facial beauty. Sure, straight teeth is a gift bestowed only to a chosen few who has critically looked over their oral health, but these are by no means a solely visual reward for a job well done in visiting the dentist twice a year. Little does everyone know that straight teeth, as fancy and beautiful as it looks, has its own health benefits to brag about! From the obvious ease of chewing to becoming an unlikely fix in speech impediments, the list is long!

Ease of Chewing

Our teeth comes in a variety of shapes, and each tooth has a shape that corresponds well to the function it is supposed to perform. For example, incisors are the rabbit teeth we have in front which has a flat shape for taking bites. With crooked teeth, we wouldn’t be able to bite properly, since the incisors are in disarray from their supposed place. Straight teeth ensure that all your teeth are in good position to do their jobs well, and help you enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Gums Would Thank You

Straight teeth are lined perfectly to even out the pressure of eating to your gums. Misaligned teeth would destroy that balance of pressure by unevenly distributing the applied pressure, causing pain to parts of your gum which might even result to damages to the gum. Also, crooked teeth would irregularly  push through your soft tissues, which might damage those tissues. That would heavily inconvenience you while you’re eating!

Brushing Made Easier

Crooked teeth, with all its unevenness, make brushing inefficient, since parts of the teeth are not exposed and therefore not brushed. In these hidden parts lie the parties of plaque and cavities that will harm your teeth. With straight teeth, doors to these unhealthy oral parties are closed since the surfaces of the teeth are well-exposed and there is little to no space where plaque and cavities can safely hide from the ravages of the toothbrush.

Fixing Speech With Teeth

Our speech is produced by the joint forces of our teeth, lips and tongue. When there are unexpected valleys or sharp cuts that our voice would pass through, chances are it would affect the produced sound, resulting to a different enunciation. Straight teeth make sure that your teeth wouldn’t impede, but instead help in producing the intended sound.

Smile With Confidence

This is one of the primary reasons for wanting those straight teeth. When we know that we look good, and we all know that straight teeth look good, it boosts our self-esteem and self-confidence. This boost can help in many ways, such as increasing productivity in work and helping in socializing with others. Straight teeth also show that you are a person who takes care of yourself, which helps in improving your social image.

Straight teeth are visually appealing, but it should do us well in knowing that these oral beautifications are not just aesthetic in nature. It would benefit us if we have straight teeth, so what’s stopping you from having one?


Strong and Healthy: Make Your Teeth Shine!


Shine on you crazy diamond! One of my favorite songs by Pink Floyd. But now it’s time to make the diamonds in your mouth to shine. It’s time to expose them to the light and make them shine as hard as the sun!

But wait… you need to fix some issues first. As a result of a bad diet – which most people have nowadays – it’s easy to screw your teeth and make them look ugly and unhealthy. So the first thing we need to check is how you can repair this damage.

Fixing The Damage:

Now it’s time to check how you can begin to fix the damage. The first thing to repair is your diet. The Greek said that the food shall be your cure, and this is true. A lot of people think that some medicines and supplements will do a miracle for them, but the ugly and sad truth is that you won’t make great advances if you don’t fix your diet.

We are what we eat, that’s the truth. So if you eat a lot of junk food, then sorry but you are junk. At least for the moment you are telling that to yourself at the moment of eating junk food. But you can quickly fix it.

The first and most important premise is to eat natural food. Remember it: N A T U R A L. You don’t need to follow any kind of complicate and absurd diet, you only need to keep it natural and you will be good to go. That means that you should avoid, most of the time, processed food.

Sugar can be detrimental for your teeth and health as a whole. Make sure to keep your intake of simple sugar below 20gr. In fact, most of the time you should obtain your sugar (healthy) from fruits, vegetables and some kind of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes.

If you want to bring your teeth a better look, then the best thing you can do is to fix your diet. This is the base, and if it’s weak then the rest will be weak as well. If you have a bad diet, then it’s like trying to build a high tower on sand… it simply won’t work!

Taking a Step Further: Teeth Whitening.


Now it’s time to take one step further: teeth whitening. Now that you know the most important concept on how to have healthy teeth, it’s time to make them shine! Go ahead and contact a dentist near to you, to see how much it will cost to you. Don’t worry because it won’t be too much. Just make sure it’s a good dentist.

The Advantages of Having Whiter Teeth


What are the advantages and benefits brought by whiter and good-looking teeth? Well there are many, and on this article we will share with you the most important ones, so you can go ahead and get a teeth whitening treatment as soon as possible.

After we are done with the first section of this article, we will share with you some tips on how to find the best dentist for this kind of treatment. Ready? Let’s go!

#1 – More Confidence On Yourself

If you would like to be more assertive, happier and confident on yourself, then you should get whiter teeth. This won’t solve all of your problems right off the bat, but for sure will contribute to make you feel better about yourself.

You need to understand that a teeth whitening treatment won’t fix all of your problems, that’s a non-sense. But for sure it will help and contribute. A low self-esteem problems won’t be solved with this or any kind of plastic surgery or any other accessory treatment, yet it can help quite a lot when used correctly.

So if you want to feel more confident and happier about yourself, then a good smile will do the trick. We all want to be more beautiful and better-looking, that’s a fact we cannot neglect.

#2 – Easier Time Dating

If you want to get a better success rates with girls, or men if you are a woman, then a good smile will do the trick. But in order to smile with confidence you will need to have a good set of white and bright teeth. That’s it.2

So all you need to do is to make your teeth whiter, and as we said from the beginning, the best way to make it happen is to undergo the teeth-whitening treatment which can be provided by most dentists in your area.

If you want to have better luck in love, then a good smile will help you a lot. It will increase your confidence and how people perceive you. We cannot neglect the importance of looks, if we do, then we are screwed.

How To Find The Best Dentist:

Now it’s time to find the best dentist for this treatment. What you should do is to search in the internet for dental clinics that offer this kind of service. Not all dentist do, so you need to find the ones who do so you can filter your list and finally pick a winner.3

Check plenty of reviews online and finally pick the one who has the best reputation. Also give them a call and base your decision price-wise. That’s all you need to do to find the best dentist for this treatment.

The Best Foods For Your Teeth: You Must Check Them!


Are you looking for the best foods to give your teeth incredible strength, keep them healthy and make them look simply fabulous? Then come along with us and check everything we have in store for you.

There are certain foods which can make a huge difference, so we invite you to check them all. Just keep reading and discover them, so you can integrate them to your diet as soon as possible, because the effects they will have on your teeth will be simply excellent.


The “forbidden fruit” is more helpful than you think. It’s already known for being one of the most nutritious fruits in the world, but it can also do wonders for your teeth.

Why? Happens that apples help your mouth to produce more saliva, and due to this surplus the mouth can keep away lots of bacteria, therefore cancelling the apparition of caries or bad breath.


Apples are delicious by the way. So instead of eating cookies or candies, you should replace them with apples. It’s a much healthier choice which will reduce your industrial-sugar intake and help your teeth. Also, let’s not forget that industrial sugar can be detrimental for your teeth, so you are basically killing two birds with one stone. Sweet.


It’s the same case as with apples. They are full of fiber and are pretty crunchy. As such they have the wonderful effect of cleaning your teeth and keeping them out of caries and bacteria. If you want to enjoy of better breath and be healthy, then you only need to eat more carrots in your day a day.

In fact, you can even try to eat carrots raw. It’s a tad hard to get used to, but once you do you will see how easy it is to eat them. You will always keep your teeth clean as a result.

On top of that, it’s easy to eat carrots in salads. And you should remember to include a salad with every meal you eat. So it’s a wonderful and good opportunity to include raw carrots into it.



Another wonderful food for your teeth. Just like carrots and apple, it’s another crunchy food. It will help you to keep your teeth clean and healthy all the time. Just like carrots, you can also eat them raw on the go.

They are a nice addition to salads. So you should add them along with carrots, they are a wonderful add-on for any kind of salad, so you should try this out.

These are the best foods for your teeth. Start eating them and feel the huge difference from day 1.