Straight Teeth and Its Health Benefits

Straight teeth may seem to people like it is just a luxury; an aesthetic addition to facial beauty. Sure, straight teeth is a gift bestowed only to a chosen few who has critically looked over their oral health, but these are by no means a solely visual reward for a job well done in visiting the dentist twice a year. Little does everyone know that straight teeth, as fancy and beautiful as it looks, has its own health benefits to brag about! From the obvious ease of chewing to becoming an unlikely fix in speech impediments, the list is long!

Ease of Chewing

Our teeth comes in a variety of shapes, and each tooth has a shape that corresponds well to the function it is supposed to perform. For example, incisors are the rabbit teeth we have in front which has a flat shape for taking bites. With crooked teeth, we wouldn’t be able to bite properly, since the incisors are in disarray from their supposed place. Straight teeth ensure that all your teeth are in good position to do their jobs well, and help you enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Gums Would Thank You

Straight teeth are lined perfectly to even out the pressure of eating to your gums. Misaligned teeth would destroy that balance of pressure by unevenly distributing the applied pressure, causing pain to parts of your gum which might even result to damages to the gum. Also, crooked teeth would irregularly  push through your soft tissues, which might damage those tissues. That would heavily inconvenience you while you’re eating!

Brushing Made Easier

Crooked teeth, with all its unevenness, make brushing inefficient, since parts of the teeth are not exposed and therefore not brushed. In these hidden parts lie the parties of plaque and cavities that will harm your teeth. With straight teeth, doors to these unhealthy oral parties are closed since the surfaces of the teeth are well-exposed and there is little to no space where plaque and cavities can safely hide from the ravages of the toothbrush.

Fixing Speech With Teeth

Our speech is produced by the joint forces of our teeth, lips and tongue. When there are unexpected valleys or sharp cuts that our voice would pass through, chances are it would affect the produced sound, resulting to a different enunciation. Straight teeth make sure that your teeth wouldn’t impede, but instead help in producing the intended sound.

Smile With Confidence

This is one of the primary reasons for wanting those straight teeth. When we know that we look good, and we all know that straight teeth look good, it boosts our self-esteem and self-confidence. This boost can help in many ways, such as increasing productivity in work and helping in socializing with others. Straight teeth also show that you are a person who takes care of yourself, which helps in improving your social image.

Straight teeth are visually appealing, but it should do us well in knowing that these oral beautifications are not just aesthetic in nature. It would benefit us if we have straight teeth, so what’s stopping you from having one?