Strong and Healthy: Make Your Teeth Shine!


Shine on you crazy diamond! One of my favorite songs by Pink Floyd. But now it’s time to make the diamonds in your mouth to shine. It’s time to expose them to the light and make them shine as hard as the sun!

But wait… you need to fix some issues first. As a result of a bad diet – which most people have nowadays – it’s easy to screw your teeth and make them look ugly and unhealthy. So the first thing we need to check is how you can repair this damage.

Fixing The Damage:

Now it’s time to check how you can begin to fix the damage. The first thing to repair is your diet. The Greek said that the food shall be your cure, and this is true. A lot of people think that some medicines and supplements will do a miracle for them, but the ugly and sad truth is that you won’t make great advances if you don’t fix your diet.

We are what we eat, that’s the truth. So if you eat a lot of junk food, then sorry but you are junk. At least for the moment you are telling that to yourself at the moment of eating junk food. But you can quickly fix it.

The first and most important premise is to eat natural food. Remember it: N A T U R A L. You don’t need to follow any kind of complicate and absurd diet, you only need to keep it natural and you will be good to go. That means that you should avoid, most of the time, processed food.

Sugar can be detrimental for your teeth and health as a whole. Make sure to keep your intake of simple sugar below 20gr. In fact, most of the time you should obtain your sugar (healthy) from fruits, vegetables and some kind of carbohydrates like sweet potatoes.

If you want to bring your teeth a better look, then the best thing you can do is to fix your diet. This is the base, and if it’s weak then the rest will be weak as well. If you have a bad diet, then it’s like trying to build a high tower on sand… it simply won’t work!

Taking a Step Further: Teeth Whitening.


Now it’s time to take one step further: teeth whitening. Now that you know the most important concept on how to have healthy teeth, it’s time to make them shine! Go ahead and contact a dentist near to you, to see how much it will cost to you. Don’t worry because it won’t be too much. Just make sure it’s a good dentist.